Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Alphabetic Quiz that we posed in the Donkey Derby race program:

A. Which Greek author was famous for his fables? Aesop
B. What was the surname of the composer of the songs 'Puttin on the Ritz', 'I've got my love to keep me warm' and 'White Christmas? Irving Berlin
C. Which decisive 1746 battle in Scotland lasted only 40 minutes? Culloden
D. What is the surname of the inventor of the world's first motorcycle? Daimler
E. Where are your hammer, anvil and stirrup? Middle ear
F. Which Archduke was assassinated in Sarajevo in June 1914 and caused the outbreak of WW1? Franz Ferdinand
G. What mythical animal had the head and body of a lion and the wings and talons of an eagle? Gryphon/Griffin
H. What oath is sworn by graduates of medicine to regulate their further conduct? Hippocratic oath
I. St. George is the Patron Saint of England but in which country is he buried? Israel
J. There are seven of these in each race here today? Jockeys
K. What is the capital of Malaysia? Kuala Lumpar
L. What animal is associated with the beginning of an MGM film and the event here today? Lion
M. One and a half litres of champagne is known as a what? Magnum
N. What is the common name of the 'Aurora Borealis'? Northern Lights
O. What species of ape has a natural copper tinge to its hair or fur? Orangutan
P. What is the term given to a word that can be spelt the same both backwards and forwards? Palindrome
Q. What can be a slight movement or a container for arrows? Quiver
R. Which country did Ceaucescau rule from 1965-1989? Romania
S. Which Port is capital of the Falkland Islands? Stanley
T. What is the capital of Georgia? Tblisi
U. Its capital is Montevideo. Uraguay
V. The Spice Girls are back - except for one? Victoria
W. What does an archer fish shoot at its prey? Water
X. The Terracotta Army stand guard near this Chinese town? Xi’an
Y. What is produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk? Yoghurt
Z. Sphalerite is the chief ore of which metal? Zinc

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